Sunday, April 25, 2010

sunstone comic! (being born)

In case you didn't know, Sunstone is doing an issue for Mormon Comic Artists. (Woot!)

The deadline is coming up and I am getting serious with the pages allotted to me.

So, after months of drawing around the images/concepts, playing with style, taking them off into all sorts of random directions, I am now bringing it all together; taking all the loose ends and trying to coax them together (sometimes with gentleness, sometime with bailing wire), filling in the gaps that I've neglected up until now, ironing out the awkward transitions, etc.

For your entertainment, here's my written synopses (complete with links to the various images/ideas/concepts that haves been my studies for the past year. Warning, a good number of the images are fairly graphic.)

What I'm working on in particular:

~making the shocking imagery more subtle, finding the fine line between challenging and outright offensive and off-putting.

~balancing the gender aspect of it.

~finding the gaps that leave the reader/viewer confused.

~making it sequential (I am better at single panels but need sequence to tell this story)

~ etc


Anyhow, feedback, thoughts, (constructive) criticisms are suggestions are welcome :)

day 111 of draw365

eve thumbnails


  1. can't wait to see the final product!

  2. me looks really creepy cool!

  3. Oh, and your stuff looks so fantastic, so shocking, I really wish you didn't have to tone it down at all.

  4. thanks biv! I think the deadline is the end of May, though I'll need to check w/ thmazing for sure (Are you in it?? Please Please say you are!!)

  5. .

    End of May is right in case I didn't already say.