Sunday, January 30, 2011

bleeding pages

30 of 365, originally uploaded by galendara.

Just now I added that gash on the left-hand side of this work in progress page. Bleeding pages. (Because Brandilion said so yesterday :))

Truth be told, while my pages have sustained many_wounds_before, I am not feeling all that cut up at the moment (thank the elder gods). In fact, today I have spent the afternoon up to my elbows in green fabric, creating fun squishy organic thingies (something a tiny bit like this.) (Maybe pics will be forthcoming. We'll see if they turn out.)

So it was kind of an odd shift to put a gash on this page just now. BUT... I did need something easy to use as my drawing of the day, and I am so very adapt at bleeding_stabbing_wounds. So.. there you go.

(What? Morbid? Me???? Never. :P)

Friday, January 21, 2011

drawing and writing

21 of 365, originally uploaded by galendara.

an experiment...

At the beginning of this year I changed how I used this book. I stopped doing individual little drawings tucked into available space and began instead to turn these pages into work-in-progress art pieces.

And when that happened, I found I stopped writing on them.

But the fact remains that I very much depend upon these pages to be a place where I can write it all out too.

So I'm going to try writing the things I need to write on the pieces of the tracing paper I keep a stashed in the little pouch at the back of the book, [[i love you moleskin]] and then folding and gluing them into the pages here.

To become part of the larger piece of the whole page while remaining accessible for when my need to go back and obsess crops up.

We'll see.
Next month, I may totally change it up again.

Friday, January 7, 2011

paper parkour

have I mentioned I like animation?
I've been doing little drawings on folded pieces of paper lately and so a friend of mine showed me this:

Cool Paper Parkour Animation - Watch more Funny Videos

Thursday, January 6, 2011

a begining

The other evening, inspired by a friend who's doing some cleaning, I tackled the bookshelf in my studio and did some organizing. Hence, I stumbled upon the sketchbook I got a few years ago for the express purpose of writing/drawing out my first graphic novel.

At that point, it had been a while since I had drawn much on a regular basis.
It was discouraging for a while.
But it was a place to start. That, at least, was something.

Eventually, I started piecing together the ideas. It was not quite the story I originally had in mind, but it was a start.

More piecing together became Being Born for the Sunstone comic edition. Again, it was not the story I originally had been telling myself in my head (by this time I was starting to recognize I had a few things to learn about story telling). But it was a start.

Currently, that little story is on the back shelf again as I am hard at work fleshing out the final panels for a comic that John wrote which was accepted into the Monsters and Mormons anthology.

But eventually, sometime, I'd like to brush off the original idea of an outrageous first-woman archetype who lives in a house made from rib bones, takes swords away from angels and hangs out with snakes.

Here's the first page from that sketchbook, a beginning that I am still working on:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

drawing under drawings

(Warning:: Contains some NSFW images)

This past Christmas I collected a bunch of scrap pieces of paper (mostly white butcher paper and torn brown paper bag stuff) in order to spin out a bunch of little doodles and finish off my draw365 project.
By the end of the day, I had succeeded. But looking at that page of little doodles I knew it was not finished. I HAD to add connective tissue to those doodles, in and out and between; on top of, and under, and around all those separate scraps of paper. So I did.

Here is the page as it is now on the surface, and then as it looks as you lift each consecutive layer of doodles to see what lies beneath. (Like, undressing the drawing.)

(And, sry about the blurriness, something is wonky with my camera's lens ::grimace::)

Of course, looking these pics now I realize I simply must add drawings to the UNDERSIDE of those little doodles!! #amdrawing.