Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Traitors and Tyrants FINISHED.

THIS JUST IN: All 22 pages of the graphic novel Traitors and Tyrants, written by John Nakamura Remy (set for publication later this month in the forthcoming anthology Monsters and Mormons).... ARE NOW FINISHED!

Seriously, I cannot wait for you to read this comic: John created something extraordinary with this alt-history tale of highly trained polygamist sister-wife super-spies.

Now, I have all SORTS of stuff I'd love to share about what I learned, the process, pros and cons of doing it in such a concentrated amount of time... But I'll save that for later. (Still rather tired at the moment).

Instead, I'll just give you a small work-in-progress glimpse at one particular two page spread that I completed in 12.5 hrs. (Which was sort of a record, many of them took 20 hrs or more.)

DAY 1:
Approximately 1 hour in: Panels are finally in place with initial sketches & word bubble placement:

4.5 hours later, I'm about half way through the first page:

6 hrs in and I am *ALMOST* done with the first page... *ALMOST*.

8.5 hours in and I am halfway through the second page. (Unable to push any further, I crash into bed.)

DAY 2:
Get up the next morning ready to go back at it... After three hours (11.5 hrs total) the two pages are *ALMOST* done:

Finally, at about 12.5 total drawing hours, these two pages are finally finished: (So I moved right on to the next two page spread :) )

At that point, of course, John had to go back and fix all my typos and choose a better font than what I was using. 'Finished' is rather relative.

BTW... a serious big thank you to Bear Weiter for helping me figure out the ps Pen tool: that helped immensely in so many of these scenes.

Also, see here, here and here, for a tiny taste of some of the other amazing stories that are going to be in this anthology. Yummy!

More to come about it all later. Meanwhile... I need to try remember what I did with myself when I was not drawing every spare minute of ever day. Hmmmmm......


  1. Wow! I am in awe. Seeing each step along the way made it even more amazing. I can't wait to see the final product up close and in my hands.

  2. thank you Daniel :)

    I can't wait to have the final product in my hands too!! epp!