Monday, December 5, 2011

down time, Bones, Sean Bean Death Reel, new tricks, etc.

As a way of taking some downtime between projects, I recently immersed myself into episode after episode of Bones (yah, I'm a later starter: currently in the middle of season 3.. SHHHH!! don't tell me *ANYTHING*).

Bones and body organs and body liquification... (Haven't gotten to that episode yet, but wow.) (Plus humor, drama, sexual tension, Oh yes.)

In addition, I've been reading a lot of good stories. Almost all of them written by friends and acquaintances. ( I am blessed.)

Also, indulging in just some straight up doodling in my sketchbook. For no reason what-so-ever except I want to:

Then learning a new Photoshop trick where-in I am able to 'lift' the drawing off the page, for easier coloring. (VERY helpful, as I still prefer my analog natural-hand-drawn lines to what I can sketch out on the wacom tablet) This isn't the best example of the trick, but here's what I did with that previous sketch:

Oh... and random, but have you seen this montage of the many cinematic deaths of Sean Bean?? (warning: Spoilers. And death. Violent death. Over and Over and Over.)

Anyhow, enough with the downtime. I need to get right to work on internal illustrations for the FISH anthology, finish up the cover art for Bibliotheca Fantastica, do an illustration or so for the December issue of the Lovecraft Ezine, Illustrate an essay for Sunstone magazine, gear up to do some illustrations for the Bronies anthology, and get prepped to start work on the cover art for Wendy N. Wagner's debut novel, Dark Depths. (omg... SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!)

Ready Set Go.

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