Tuesday, January 17, 2012

leveling up. (and taking a plunge)

A few things I should to do level up my craft:

~Take a Life Drawing class from the local community college to sharpen up my anatomical drafting skills.

~Subscribe to Lynda.com and learn a few new tricks in Photoshop (not to mention Illustrator).

~Find and implement additional online tutorials and tips and tricks to freshen up my process.

~Take the plunge and upgrade to the current Photoshop version.

~Obtain Corel Painter. (and learn how to use it. Thanks Lynda!)

~Utilize my community of writer and artist friends for feedback & criticism on my current art projects

~Target those specific areas/subjects that I am weakest at drawing and study the hell out of them. (For me, that would be architecture, furnishings, backgrounds, location-specific scenes, scenes containing multiple figures, {the list goes on}...)

~Etc, etc, etc...

And also...

~Sign up for the Illustration Masters Class. (Which I just did. **GULP/GASP!!!**)


  1. ((squeeeze!)) thx wendy darling :)

  2. It took me two weeks to choose between an advanced drawing class and a basic photo.

    I settled on the photo and I'm still not sure I made the right choice.

    I'm hoping the photo class will work well with my digi stories and count as making art for this non-artist.

  3. pssssssssssss

    I'm also proud of you.
    You've come a long way, baby!

  4. Congratulations!! You finally did it! I remember when you showed me that workshop at W's house.

    I know *exactly* what you mean about the sort of panic that sets in just before you click "Pay Now." It's like, "Soup...no, salad...no, soup...no WAIT NOOO...!"

    But you're going to have such an amazing time!