Thursday, May 24, 2012


life drawing at Spectrum Fantastic Live

This past weekend, I took a trip to Kansas City for the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event.  A tremendous amount of amazing happened there, but one of the highlights for me was the live drawing session held Friday night. 
I was attending with Jacob Ruby and Marlyse Comte and they had come armed with iPads and app after app of drawing goodies.  After I had filled several pages from my paper sketchbook, Jacob was kind enough to let me commandeer his iPad for a spin through the next few poses, and I was hooked.

I do have an iPad, but it's old, entry level.... plus... my offspring lays claim to it.

I may just have to rectify this situation eventually.

Anyhow, a glimpse at some of my iPad life drawings (using Sketch Club, and LiveSketch HD


 ((ironically, I came home and showed the apps to my kid, he proceeded to completely blow me away, doing things with the apps I didn't even know were possible.))

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