Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I recently started going to the local life-drawing session, to brush up on some rusty skills. Initially I was just using a ball point pen on paper. But that got boring after a while, so I started playing with mixing pen and watercolor pencils, then, finally, I decided to break out my old (long unused) fold-able travel sized watercolor palette.

I'd forgotten how much I miss this.

Last night was the session where they do one long pose with the model in costume.  She was wearing this amazing wide pleated green skirt that hung in heavy folded drapes around her legs. After a few initial pencil studies, I started painting, aiming for artistic interpretation and exaggeration rather than realistic rendering. 
Here's what came of it:

I am not displeased, and looking forward to doing more.


  1. I saw this on Facebook and just had to nip round to your blog to let you know how much I like this. It's wonderful. Very well done!

  2. thank you stew!

    i enjoyed this very much :)

  3. I am always keeping you in mind to illustrate the children's books I am still yet to write. Interested? Seriously....remember when we I talked to you about that back in the day that we were roommates?
    You a strong dose of talent!