Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spectrum Art Live2. Final Prep.

My boarding pass has been printed off. At an ungodly hour tomorrow morning I'll get on a plane for Kansas City and the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live2 event.

I'll be hanging out at booth 521 with Lisa Grabenstetter, Evan Jensen, a stack of prints, a sketchbook, and a sharpie marker for if anyone wants a tattoo doodled across their flesh. Looking forward to meeting friends, catching some incredible discussion panels and the late night life drawing session is a must.

(But first, I'd better do some laundry.)
thanks to Evan we have an epic booth banner

prints and more prints!


  1. Do you have pictures of your booth?

    1. I do now :) here's Lisa and Evan ~>

      and here's me ~>