Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WorldCon 2013

 A quick rundown of where I'll be and when at WorldCon/LonestarCon III:


~Upon arriving Thursday afternoon, I'll hang my work in the Art Show. With any luck, the set up will look a bit like this:
Huge debt of gratitude to Lee Moyer for helping me clean up this act.

~Friday at 10 am the Art Show opens to con goers with an official Opening Reception held at 7pm that evening to meet the artists. Worldcon has also scheduled guided docent tours of the show and several Art Night Showcases featuring presentations by many of the attending artists.  (You can find those and other art related events and presentations here.)

~Saturday from 2pm to 6pm I'll be at table 5 in Artist Alley, showing art work and doodling on anyone who happens to come by.
i do so love to doodle on people.

~Saturday from 8pm to 10pm I'll be at the San Antonio Rollercade where the Glitter & Mayhem book release party will be (Aw Yeah!)

~Sunday at 2pm I'll be in room 103a as part of the Bouncing Images group doodling event w/ Teddy Harvia, Mel White, and Maurine Starkey.
~Sunday afternoon there will be rehearsals and such, and then off to the Reception and Ceremony (to see if I lucked out and won that Hugo.) 


The rest of the time will be just trying to catch my breath and absorb the awesomeness.  See you there!
(✧✧✧Glitter & Mayhem cover art✧✧✧)

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