Monday, April 27, 2009

micron pens...

I miss my size.005 micron pen. It went dry two weeks ago and the little craft store where I usually buy them has not restocked them in some time (I've check three times since it went dry.) I got a set of Faber-Castell art pens that have been an okay replacement- I especially like the brush tipped pen. But they just doesn't measure to the micron. They bleed. And leave streaks. And most importantly, the smallest size is nowhere near the pinpoint thin .005 that I covet.
Desperate, I finally went online to see what I could buy and found a place where the micron pens were nice and cheap. Of course, with shipping costs it all evens out to what I get them for in-store anyways. At least i think it all evens out. I haven't done the math. I hate math. Anyhow, now everyday I await the mailman, itching for my pens to arrive. But so far I have had to just make do with those Faber-Castell's.

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