Thursday, April 23, 2009

unused muscles...

My right hand is sore. The muscles between my thumb and index finger. An area that used to be rock solid from daily sketching... it has long since fallen in to lazy softness. This week (after a good conversation with my cuz) I have determined to rectify that. Lazy and uninspired and stuck for too long, I have set the goal to draw for at least two hours a day. Initially I was only thinking of getting the creative pathways in my brain working again (they have become very image poor lately) but the soreness in my hand is indication that my brain is not the only thing that has gotten soft.

And so...
To refill my empty pool of inspiration,
and to rebuild my artistic brainwaves,
and to strengthen the adductor and flexor muscles between my right thumb and forefinger,
I am doing daily studies of Christian Icons, Comicbook characters and Childrens book illustrators (etc...)

[Thanks, AJ, for being a good example for me.]