Friday, November 13, 2009

wordless (and style too)

Because putting words in is my least favorite part of making a comic. And anyhow a picture = 1k words to start with:

Davide Fraternali

Michele Toffalori

Robin Ha

[click on the thumbnail sets to be able to read each page.]

Also, I've been struggling a bit with style. That's another reason I like the aforementioned comic artists, the styles they are working in absolutely blow me away. I am trying to reconcile my initial tendencies towards comic-book hero type renderings, working to meld my visual story telling into a more sophisticated (sophisticated = wrong word, but close enough for now) method that more closely approaches my painting style.
(Yes, still working through my identity crisis.)

That's all.
Except here's the trailer to In The Realms of the Unreal, beautiful documentary about the work of Henry Darger. Because his work almost brings tears to my eyes.

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