Monday, January 18, 2010


Bloody Eve is in print.
Well, one copy anyways, self-published.
To hand over to my instructor so I can get a final grade on the course I signed up for last year.
It has A LOT of mistakes: In the writing, in the style, in the flow, in the medium, in the editing, processing, formatting (etc etc etc). But they were good mistakes, the 'learning-from-them' kind, and since this is my first time, I'm okay with them (well, I can tolerate them, for now, at least. As long as next time is better. Yah.)

But here you go, if you want to see a preview of what it looks like in book form (it doesn't show the last few pages, but those are only a collection of sketches and paintings anyways; a sort of last minute add-on appendices I used to pad the page count)

Here's the final images:

Starting with the cover, front and back

Then the inside pages:Then there's this other two page spread that I ended up taking out of the story line, adding it at the end as part of the appendices (with the some of the other Eve vs the Angel images):

So there you go.
Be gentle, I'm new at this.


  1. i love it! the last image is so powerful.

  2. OMG amazing. Both you and the book.

  3. Love love love your spin on this myth and how you've recaptured and repurposed the symbolism for your own ends. You've heard me gush about individual panels, and now it's exciting to see the whole of it.

    How much are copies? Does blurb give you the ability to sell copies at a profit? When do you get your copy? Please post pics of it in your hands when you do get it! :D

  4. thank you johnR :)
    Blurb does give me the ability to sell it for profit, but I'm not going that route at the moment (ie, if you buy the book right now via blurb you pay 19.95 and it all goes to Blurb).

    This was just to complete the requirements of a class course (ie, have one published book in hand).

    When I go about polishing it up enough so that I wouldn't be too embarassed to have it in other people's hands, I will do a little more homework on where to have it published.
    (Blurb's base rate is rather high for me to feel comfortable tacking on an additional 'for profit' amount).

    and I will DEFINIETLY post pics of finall hardcopy :) (It should be here this week)

  5. .

    I would, at the very least, call it an auspicious beginning.

  6. Gorgeous, I'm sorry I missed the first printing. I'll have to settle eventually for a second-edition.