Sunday, January 31, 2010

365 sketches

If nothing else, I am hoping to accomplish at least that this year. A drawing a day. A sketch rather, usually done quite quickly, then scanned in and clean up in Ps. I've been doing them at the end of the day and while I usually have an idea what the sketch will be, I find that most times it takes on it's own life and mind as I move the pen across the page.

I'm also finding that I do not have that knack for knowing when to stop: I frequently over-work the sketch.

Also, I am discovering a tendency for disturbing imagery to emerge. I have a sketch for every day, but several of them I have on private simply because they are fairly graphic. (I blame it on that whole "mind of it's own" thing. It's not me. Really.)

There's a lot of other goals I have for this year as well (things like brushing up on my digital art skills, getting some computer programing knowledge, launching my web-comic, doing a painting a week, doing more with my etsy account, etc.) But we're already a month into 2010 and so far, I'm doing good to just put out a sketch a day.
(Interesting note: it was only last spring that I started drawing again. I had been on artistic sabbatical for quite a while before that. So, at least it's something.)


  1. Great project, G! It's amazing what creativity can come from a little commitment.

    I need to catch up with mine...

  2. I'm eager to see. (as a new fan of your artwork) ~brandelion

  3. I love this idea. Looking forward to watching your journey.

  4. These are amazing. I'm so glad you are doing this!