Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RIP louise Bourgeouis (who died yesterday at age 98)

“I have a religious temperament, I have not been educated to use it. I’m afraid of power. It makes me nervous. In real life, I identify with the victim. That’s why I went into art.”
~Louise Borgeois (a professed atheist)

to quote directly from the NYTimes eulogy: "it was her images of the body itself, sensual but grotesque, fragmented, often sexually ambiguous, that proved especially memorable.... Fragility and fierceness were, in fact, the twin poles of Ms. Bourgeois’s art."

some glimpses of her art:
-a ginormous spider
-a whole room full of her drawings and sulptures (LOVE her fabric creations)
-a bed full of..? (more about that show here)
-the ever graphic fillette (and the mapplethorpe portrait of her carrying it under her arm)
-matching parts for parts w/ fillette, Janus Fleuri, also hanging by a wire.

And here's a video: Louise Bourgeouis, The Spider, the Mistress, and The Tangerine.

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