Thursday, June 3, 2010


So the character that didn't make it into my last comic was The Angel (not enough room, story-line went a different direction, etc). Now feeling the need to revisit and explore Eve's encounter with him. Previously, I have had her tie him up and cut off his head, beat him to a bloody pulp, or just do a little wrestling (taking a page from Alexander Louis Leloir).

Why all the violence?

Well,the angel is guarding the tree and it's fruit so, he's in her way . But also he's got this special sword (a flaming sword!) that she needs. Why? Well... I think she is going to kill God and needs that sword to do it. (Just a guess you understand, I'm still figuring that part out.)

So Angels will be on my mind and in my sketchbook/paintings for the next little bit as I work it all out.

For your entertainment (and for my inspiration) some fallen angels :Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as murderous angels in Dogma, and the most amazing Tilda Swinton as Gabriel in Constantine.

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