Thursday, July 29, 2010

to do list (art projects)

1) finish up the few remaining illustrations for Rigoramortis (deadline aug 1).
2) draw up my contribution to the Little Death of Crossed Genres (deadline, aug 10).
3) draw up illustrations submissions for Cthulhurotica (deadline sept 15).
4) draw up illustration submissions for Monsters and Mormons (deadline oct 1).
5) draw up illustrations submissions for Scape e-zine.
6) start creating panels for the webcomic. (shhh, it's a secret)
7) catch-up on my draw 365 project (I'm about thirty drawings behind).
8) get serious (AGAIN) about creating a painting a week. (/sigh).

This list is hugely weighted towards speculative fiction illustration, which is fun; it's me getting back to my roots (as a kid, I cut my drawing teeth on dragons and demons.) But I also want to pursue the fine art side as well; to continue painting and creating mixed media assemblages etc. Hoping that I can find the time and the balance to do both. Or create a sort of funky middle way. Or.. something.

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