Friday, February 18, 2011

draw365 for 2011 (49 days in)

Now that I'm 49 days into 2011, I have a bit of a system going that is working quite nicely.

On the one hand
I am doing these work-in-progress pages, where I add (or take away) a little every day and the way they are photographed becomes part of the piece.

On the other hand I am uploading old drawings from sketchbooks past. It has been good to re-visit them, diving through the history of my brain's creative pathways. Yes, not technically "a drawing a day" .. but I am already drawing every day on other projects, so, I don't sweat it. Right now I am picking and choosing from three sketchbooks that span across 2002 and 2006 but will branch out to others as well. (I have a lot of old sketchbooks.)

It's been nice, because neither of these systems is too time consuming while still being a good outlet for exploring, experimenting, and remembering.

Maybe I'll have changed it up when another 50ish days have passed. We'll see.

Now for your entertainment, a slideshow of 2011's 365 so far:

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    I'm enjoying this system. And I'm looking forward to completed longer works as well.