Sunday, January 30, 2011

bleeding pages

30 of 365, originally uploaded by galendara.

Just now I added that gash on the left-hand side of this work in progress page. Bleeding pages. (Because Brandilion said so yesterday :))

Truth be told, while my pages have sustained many_wounds_before, I am not feeling all that cut up at the moment (thank the elder gods). In fact, today I have spent the afternoon up to my elbows in green fabric, creating fun squishy organic thingies (something a tiny bit like this.) (Maybe pics will be forthcoming. We'll see if they turn out.)

So it was kind of an odd shift to put a gash on this page just now. BUT... I did need something easy to use as my drawing of the day, and I am so very adapt at bleeding_stabbing_wounds. So.. there you go.

(What? Morbid? Me???? Never. :P)


  1. Hi! I attended a conference on Women in Mormonism this weekend, wrote a blog article about it on my blog at and showcased a little of your art and thought I'd let you know. Best, goga

  2. thank you goga!! and what a wonderful write up, bless you <3