Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sleep Cycles. by Jaym Gates.

Remember the 24 hr comic we did a while back?

Well here is Jaym Gates' contribution, Sleep Cycles:

((Viewing online falls short of how these pages are experienced in real life: they are incredibly textural, mixed media pieces and my scanner simply has not done them justice. You'll just have to wait your turn to
actually hold them in your hands.))

Sleep Cycles. by Jaym Gates.

once upon a time, night and day were two realms.
instead of cycling around humans, humans revolved through the endless cycles....
gentile, quite, refreshing.
humans liked it here.
many refused to move
staying in slumber for as long as possible.

most, however, moved on to dream.
bright things, beautiful things.
anything possible.
the dark dreams too.
sometimes we have the same dreams.
these are the wild places.
nothing comes here intentionally.
only the lost, the mad dreams.
and those things... those things hunt us all.
fighting to go through.
sometimes they escape into the twilight.
that's where they meet the champions, from the day.
sometimes they hunt the lovely things
only found in darkness.
the darkness cares for it's own.
and for everyone passing through.
and so day comes again,
and night dreams
thank you jaym!

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