Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Illustrating EMPIRE STATE, the soundtrack

from the Empire State website:
"Empire State is a novel by Adam Christopher set both in New York and in an alternate reality version of that same, great city.

It was the last great superhero fight, but the energy blast ripped a hole in reality, and birthed the Empire State – a young, twisted parallel prohibition-era New York...

The novel is out now from Angry Robot Books, and we’re inviting you to create your own works based in the world of Empire State.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, musician, sculptor, puppeteer, interpretive dance major, or poet, we’d love for you to come and create. We’re calling this WorldBuilder, and you can find out more by clicking on How to Join In."

John Anealio has lent his skills to the worldbuilding by writing this amazing song:

(Then he let me get my own noir on to create the cover art for the song. Thank you John!)

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  1. Holy crap! That's rad! I think I love this piece.