Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Illustrating 'Ruminations In An Alien Tongue'

'Ruminations In An Alien Tongue' by Vandana Singh just went up over at Lightspeed. It is a breathtaking, heart wenching, poetic epic of a story. A brief teaser:
"She had gone up the ladder, stepped through the round opening. Darkness, her footsteps echoing in the enormous space, the light she carried casting a small, bobbing pool of illumination. This was the alien stronghold considered invincible by the human conquerors, to which the last denizens of a dying race had crawled in a war she had forgotten when she was young. She had expected to find their broken, decayed bodies, but instead there was a silence like the inside of a temple up in the mountains...
That was the moment when everything changed. For her, and eventually for humankind. She had been young then."
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It was a privilege to work on an illustration for this Story.

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