Saturday, June 2, 2012

Aliens for IMC. First round of character studies.

In about a week I'll land in Amherst Campus for the Illustration Masters Class

Out of the list of assignments given us by Irene Gallo, I selected "Our Human" by Adam-Troy Castro (Copyright 2012 Adam-Troy Castro).

Here is my first round of character studies for the various alien races from "Our Human" (images produced by arrangement with the author.)


(click on the images for a larger view)

Character 1: the leader, a militant, armored, quadripedal alien.

Character 2: the translator, a  secretive, reptilian, bipedal alien.

And also: a village full of primitive, mystic, three-gendered aliens:

This is me just working out the feel of the various characters. (Any and all feedback is welcome: I found attempting to draw aliens to be unexpectedly difficult.)

Next, I will be doing thumbnails to panel out a scene from the story into a two page comic. I have several scenes in mind, so I'll have to play around a bit to find that one which I'll nail to the wall on that first day in Amherst for the initial critique.

So there you go. #Amdrawing.


  1. Great Stuff! I am not doing the aliens, but did sit in front of the TV last night and did some doodling. We must think alike, your villagers are very much what I envisioned. See you in a week!

  2. Extremely cool Galen...I love how you have drawn the Aliens. It will be interesting to see what type of atmospheric setting you place them in. I'm nervous but I think once I get there, my hero worship will squash all of that. :-)

  3. Really cool. I love how their body/limb shapes are all so different from each other. The first alien looks very solid and fits well with the militant, armored description. The one in the last image with the tentacles on the face looks the most "mystic" to me out of the three, that's a fave! Looking forward to seeing the full page sketch!