Monday, June 25, 2012

what summer looks like.

when you are a fledgling freelance illustrator with a young kid at home.
Me, working on my laptop, next to my kid, playing games & doing homework on his laptop.
(anyone got any great suggestions at keeping an 8 yr old entertained while you work? I'm running out of them)


  1. Hi Galen, I have 3 kids ranging in age between 7 and 14. It is a constant battle to keep them busy while I'm trying to draw. I have tried giving them a daily reading hour where they are to read or draw pictures about the story, but that only works for so long. My 7 and 11 year old girls can entertain themselves with clay for quite a while (but guess who has to clean up)! I don't want them playing video games all day either so I know the struggle. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Steve. CLAY!! oh, that's a good idea, I'll get my hands on some of that ASAP.

      Yeah, we try to mix it up, but it is frustrating how easy it can be to slip back into video games. It's something we both are working on.

      (btw, i love your artwork!)

    2. Thank you Galen. Yeah that's why I end up doing most of my illustrations late at night. I find it more productive when I'm the only one awake! My oldest isn't a problem since he loves to draw too. He has been learning a lot about Lovecraftian horror the past couple of years and loves to show me his drawings.

      Another thing for the kids to do is give them sidewalk chalk, they love it! Easy clean up too.