Wednesday, November 14, 2012


A friend of mine posted this on facebook. Trying hard to not think about how many of these mistakes I make, all the time. Click Through to read all seven. It's well worth it.

by Kristina Gehrmann.

1. Selling yourself as a beginner

I found a prime example of this in a forum for artists seeking work. The thread title was „Starting-out artist looking for a chance",, and the thread told that the artist is „looking for a client for whom I may draw" and has  „just graduated from art college". We all were at this point once, but usually it takes too long to realize that „beginner" is the wrong mindset, even if you are one. Such statements sound like excuses and are guaranteed to weaken your position. Don't make excuses. Do not justify your work, and do not justify your prices. This is a tricky habit to acquire since we're not very confident by nature, but remember the image you want to project, no matter what your actual experience level, is this: 'I am a professional illustrator. I know what I am doing. I am successful. I'm on the same level with my client and in an equally strong position. I am not a clueless servant but a business partner and expert who finds problem solutions.' To recap: you are not looking for a „chance". You are not „allowed" to draw for the generous benefactor client who might even pay you a little. You are a professional business (regardless of your actual experience and portfolio) acting as such, and deserving to be treated as such.      

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meanwhile... here. I went to another life drawing session over the weekend. (NSFW)

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