Wednesday, November 7, 2012

new scanner, life drawings (NSFW) & sore leg sketches

Finally got a scanner with a bit more room to move around in. This one. With an 11x16-ish scanning surface.

So now when I break out the watercolors on the big pad of 14 x 17 inch paper, I CAN SCAN IT. Mostly.

Here's from a recent life drawing session.

marker, pen and watercolor on 14 x 17 inch paper
pen and watercolor on 14 x 17 inch paper

And also on just regular old 9 x 12 inch sketch paper, something the old scanner would have winced at.
ball point pen on 9 x 12 inch paper

Just for kicks, here's a few sketches doodled this weekend while driving home from a race in Southern Utah. I thumbed through a running magazine and drew from the photos in it's glossy pages, trying to take my mind off my sore legs.

micron pen over several pages of sketchbook

Excited to have a scanner again. Planning on using real drawing-on-paper stuff in some of my upcoming work. (Ooh, btw, have you seen this Wolverine movie poster?)

And, that's all. Just had to share.

Now for randomness... here's an open letter to a beloved busy person. It's a must read.