Thursday, March 7, 2013

catching up: a few things I haven't blogged about yet

Each of these should have been it's own blog post. (Maybe one or two of them will be, eventually.) But here's a quick run down of what I've been doing lately (in no real order.)

First... FIRESIDE! In a breathtaking down-to-the-wire kickstarter, Fireside relaunches on July 1 as a monthly website and ebook, each with two pieces of flash fiction, one short story, one part of a 12-episode fiction experiment by Chuck Wendig. I'll be doing monthly art for them, and created this promotional piece for the kickstarter. (Here's the Q&A with me on the matter.)

Also, last month we just wrapped up a successful Kickstarter for the Glitter and Mayhem anthology. I am working on the cover art right now; here's a preview of the preliminary study:

And OZ REIMAGINED! I spent All of last October buried in emerald cities and yellow brick roads to create the cover art and individual art pieces for this John Joseph Adams anthology. Here's a bit about creating the cover art, and an interview with me on the process. (Plus...both  i09 and the Mary Sue feature glimpses at the internal art work)

Also last year I had the titillating delight to work with Shanna Germain, Jaym Gates, Janine Ashbless, Lee Moyer and Bear Weiter to bring Geek Love to life.


Along with finishing up the Glitter and Mayhem cover this month, I am also finalizing the cover for The Future Embodied, edited by May Empson and Jason Andrew.  Here's a glimpse at the preliminary cover sketch for that one: 

Finally, over the holidays I got the chance to get my horror on, working with Stephen Carter on his historical ghost novel, The Hand of Glory.

Okay, well now. I feel a bit more caught up. More about whatnot later.