Thursday, March 28, 2013

happy happy happy.

This, by Chuck Wendig, (also applicable to visual artists):


Chuck goes on to expand further, but here, two teaser quotes:

"It’s a cool moment where by creating art with no limits or no pressure and with jizz-buckets of fun you still managed to do something interesting. Something different. Carry that into your writing. Leap into the beyond. Fingerpaint like a boss. Remove the pressure of quality and give yourself permission to suck." 


"Failure is illuminating. It reveals every broken board beneath our feet, every crack in the wall, every pothole in the road. Do not shun failure. High-five it. Hug it. Engage in lusty pawing with it. Failure means you’re doing."

Go read the rest.

Now, your entertainment, the mummified heart of Auguste Delagrance.  (!!!)

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