Saturday, January 1, 2011

drawing under drawings

(Warning:: Contains some NSFW images)

This past Christmas I collected a bunch of scrap pieces of paper (mostly white butcher paper and torn brown paper bag stuff) in order to spin out a bunch of little doodles and finish off my draw365 project.
By the end of the day, I had succeeded. But looking at that page of little doodles I knew it was not finished. I HAD to add connective tissue to those doodles, in and out and between; on top of, and under, and around all those separate scraps of paper. So I did.

Here is the page as it is now on the surface, and then as it looks as you lift each consecutive layer of doodles to see what lies beneath. (Like, undressing the drawing.)

(And, sry about the blurriness, something is wonky with my camera's lens ::grimace::)

Of course, looking these pics now I realize I simply must add drawings to the UNDERSIDE of those little doodles!! #amdrawing.

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