Thursday, January 6, 2011

a begining

The other evening, inspired by a friend who's doing some cleaning, I tackled the bookshelf in my studio and did some organizing. Hence, I stumbled upon the sketchbook I got a few years ago for the express purpose of writing/drawing out my first graphic novel.

At that point, it had been a while since I had drawn much on a regular basis.
It was discouraging for a while.
But it was a place to start. That, at least, was something.

Eventually, I started piecing together the ideas. It was not quite the story I originally had in mind, but it was a start.

More piecing together became Being Born for the Sunstone comic edition. Again, it was not the story I originally had been telling myself in my head (by this time I was starting to recognize I had a few things to learn about story telling). But it was a start.

Currently, that little story is on the back shelf again as I am hard at work fleshing out the final panels for a comic that John wrote which was accepted into the Monsters and Mormons anthology.

But eventually, sometime, I'd like to brush off the original idea of an outrageous first-woman archetype who lives in a house made from rib bones, takes swords away from angels and hangs out with snakes.

Here's the first page from that sketchbook, a beginning that I am still working on:


  1. I just read "When God Was a Woman" which ends with a very interesting chapter on women, fruit trees and snakes in goddess worship, and why they were intentionally villified in the Genesis story.... I would love to see how that could inspire you.

  2. Holly~ I have heard good things about that book! definitely must read it. Thanks :)

  3. Those are some awesome buttocks.