Sunday, April 20, 2014

2014 Hugo Nominees

The 2014 Hugo nominees were announced yesterday. And this happened:

the Hugo ballot for Best Professional Artist
So yes, leveling up a bit from last year's win in the Fan Artist category, this year I am on the Hugo ballot for Best Professional Artist. Incredibly honored to be included with Julie Dillon, Daniel Dos Santos, John Harris, John Picacio, and Fiona Staples

(btw... Saga volume 2, which Fiona does the art for, is nominated for Best Graphic Story. I'll definitely be voting for that.)

The ballot is stacked with so many amazing creators including John Joseph Adams for Best Editor, and both Lightspeed magazine AND Apex Magazine for Best Semiprozine. My experience working with them has been a pivotal part of my career. Congratulations and good luck to everyone. 

To conclude, I leave you with the the illustration I recently did for Campbell Award Nominee Sofia Samatar's lightspeed story "How To Get Back To The Forest"