Tuesday, April 29, 2014

@wnwagner's Skinwalkers, Jendara, Crow Witch + World Horror Con

My good friend Wendy N. Wagner wrote a novel about vikings and cannibals and humans-turned-skinwalkers, full of bloody battles and gore and adventure and suspense. It stars a whole line up of smart tough women but most especially it stars Jendara; badass-reformed-pirate-mother wielding battle axes in her tattooed hands. (And if you happen to have the book, turn to the acknowledgment page because OMG JENDARA IS NAMED FOR ME, which makes me want to gleefully raid the tool shed for weapons on a daily basis.)

Anyhow, yes. Jendara is amazing. (And cover artist Michal Ivan did a brilliant job bringing her to battle-lust-filled life)  But lo, the story's antagonist; The Crow Witch. Creepy, damaged, filled with bad history and dark magic, wearing a headdress of decaying crow corpses. And I knew I needed to draw her.

So, with Wendy's permission, here she is:

She's part of the shipment I just mailed off to the World Horror Con Art show in Portland next month. 8x10 reproductions of her will be in the print shop if you happen to be in attendance and would like to take a bit of dark and creepy home with you.

Here is what I'll have printed up large to hang in the Art Show itself:

Tentacles and bones and blood and dark water. Stuff like that. I wish I could be at World Horror Con, but this year it happened to fall on the same weekend as Spectrum Fantastic Art Live and after much debate that is ultimately where I decided to land.

Hugs and kisses to my lovelies in the PNW.
(Especially you, Wendy! Thanks for all the inspiration!)

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