Friday, June 12, 2009

Michael DeMeng

Old stuff, rusty stuff, odd stuff, makes my heart so happy. So of course, I am in love with Micheal DeMeng, assembler of all things discarded. (in fact he wrote a book about rusty stuff. Need to get that book.) Quirky little totems, intricate shrines, odd animal creations, altered books, tiny matchbooks... An eye for detail and for the odd. He's awesome. He also has a blog. My favorite post concerned his trip to the island of the dolls in Mexico; death and love and devotion (and Tom Waits too)... a little look into his creative process and what touches this artist of immense talent.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

sunday sketching...

Not getting much time lately to do a lot in the way of artwork. Church is kinda 'meh' for me at the moment, but really, honestly, it is nice to have the three hour bloc where I can sit there and draw. Don't seem to get much time to do that other wise. So here, some nice uplifting little thumbnails that my brain spit up today while sitting on a pew listening to Sunday School chatter.