Thursday, August 25, 2011

she kicks ass.

a few random and slightly related tidbits:

~My post on female comic artists just went up over at Functional Nerds; This Lady Likes Spandex.

~I am *almost* done drawing the comic that John wrote about four polygamist super-spy wives.

~Mia Nutick *WAS* able to do the Women In Fantasy artists gallery for this month's Realms of Fantasy . Part of that was an interesting dissection of the Urban Fantasy Babe/Woman Warrior Babe trope. (The essay is not online, go buy the magazine, it's worth it, on many levels.)

~I just stumbled onto this tumbler of pure awesome: Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor. Niiice!!!!! Where has this been all my life?! (But wish there had been better accreditation for the creators of said images. /sigh)

~This short film... I want to be her. And have that gun too. (And have her guns too.)

Okay, that's all. Just wanted to put this all in one place, for my own benefit.

Monday, August 22, 2011

working on the road

I just got back home from a busy World Con weekend.
So much to be said about all that happened there (wow).

But first, real quickly, I wanted to report that my new Intuos4 tablet, the one I got *hoping* it would be perfect for working on while traveling... It worked PERFECTLY. Waiting in airports, on layovers, set up on my in-flight tray table: it fit just right and performed brilliantly.

However, my bright idea to take"before" and "after" screen shots to track how much progress I made on my project during travel indicated that, yes, it is silly to expect to get a lot done while attending a convention. So, now back to real life and serious work.

(Stay tuned: more about the events of World Con weekend to come!!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Broken Time Blues lives!!!!

Remember that book I did the cover art for?
It can now be yours.


Hey, you! Toss on your glad rags and get a move on. Broken Time Blues is roaring into Reno for WorldCon. Be the first to get a gander at tales of moonshinin' and alien burlesque; flesh-sculpting artists and chickens on the run. If you're hip to the jive, slip on down to the release shindig at 2pm on Saturday, August 20. But don't be slow, and speakeasy: the bulls and hawks are always listenin' in."

Authors include Shirley Jackson winner Robert J. Bennett and game-author/Heroic Adventure author Ari Marmell, along with Weird tales from Frank Ard, John Dewey Nakamura Remy and Andrew Romine; beautiful, touching stories from James Sutter, Lucia Starkey and Barbara Krasnoff; and action-packed romps from Morgan Dempsey and Jack Graham; and dark tales from Amanda Davis and Ryan McFadden.

Interior art by myself and the amazing Evan Jensen.

You know you want this. You know you need this.

(Huge thanks to Jaym Gates and Erika Holt for making this collection happen. AND, incidentally, for providing all the text for this post :) You ladies are amazing.)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

digital speed painting. Firefly.

Yes indeed. Wow. Especially because, at this exact moment, I am hard at work on my tablet, wishing I was this fast. AND this good.