Monday, September 17, 2012

client freelancer relationship.

"Sir, 'we're not the taco stand"

(But, honestly, sometimes I do feel like the taco stand.)

As an aside, here are two BookLifeNow posts very much on my mind lately: Dealing With Burnout, by Lillian Cohen-Moore, and Time Is Your Currency, by Bear Weiter. Then fellow IMC artist Nick Kay does a tough love critique of a common fb "artist" meme. Then there's Mike Monterio waxing eloquent on the topic of f*ck you, pay me.

I have a hard time talking about money. I have a hard time asking for money.  Also, I have a hard time saying no.  Some lessons come slowly.

Anyhooo... in other news,  Here's an illustration that I did.. wow, back in February. It just went live over at Scapezine (with Liz Hahn's story, "Chrysalides").  I truly do love how this one turned out.

Feeling, lately, that I'm in a rut. Need to shake it off.  Get my balance back. Get my head back in the game.