Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spectrum Art Live2. Final Prep.

My boarding pass has been printed off. At an ungodly hour tomorrow morning I'll get on a plane for Kansas City and the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live2 event.

I'll be hanging out at booth 521 with Lisa Grabenstetter, Evan Jensen, a stack of prints, a sketchbook, and a sharpie marker for if anyone wants a tattoo doodled across their flesh. Looking forward to meeting friends, catching some incredible discussion panels and the late night life drawing session is a must.

(But first, I'd better do some laundry.)
thanks to Evan we have an epic booth banner

prints and more prints!

Friday, May 3, 2013

[Women in Genre, Day 26]

So, Haralambi Markov (aka Harry Markov) has been writing up a series about Women In Genre (you really should go peruse those posts, they are packed full WUNDERBAR.) I was astonished and delighted to discover today that I get a place in this series: Galen Dara and Visions from Beyond. 

Harry says the nicest things, I'll be blushing and fluttery all day.  Stuff like:

"I can best describe her work with the words stylized melancholy, because her illustrations carry an air of sadness and possess a wilting beauty with gothic undertones."
 "To a point, I can’t help but be reminded of Stephanie Piu-Mun Law... where Piu-Mun Law draws from nature and light, Dara seeks out the less savory and wholesome in her work, which results in captivating scenes where the outlandish and the bizarre intermingle to breed absurd worlds with wicked inhabitants." 

Thank you Harry! Many blessings from the dark ones upon your head.


And now, just because,  here's some Awesomeness I stumbled on today:
[Egg] by Junko Oki:

That gives me all sorts of shivers of delight. And Junko is amazing, just check out her pintrest boards!

Okay, now, back to work, breeding absurd and wicked things... mwuahahah!

Postcards! (for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live)

We Have Booth Postcards!  *shiny*  Come pick one up at Booth 521 if you are at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live.

Spectrum Fantastic Art booth cards!
thank you Evan for designing our cards. **hug**