Monday, November 29, 2010

surgery in my sketchbook

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. I keep mine in my sketchbook.
And sometimes, I perform surgery on it. Just because.
A spontaneous mixed media personal project this week. On a whim, I documented the work-in-progress. Tearing, making marks, gluing, cutting, destroying, putting back together,

I need to paint more often.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cell by Cell [animation]

I've previously mentioned movies that make me tick.
Here's a few animated films that just take my breath away, make my fingers tingle, drive my urge to create.

From Ireland: The Secret of Kells.

From Japan: Princess Mononoke

And from France/[Iran]: Persepolis


promoting un-dead love

November was whirlwind back-to-back Rigor Amortis promotional events. Crazy, exhausting, and so very fun. Just had to share the highlights:

Andrew Penn Romine and John Nakamura Remy drove to Tucson to join me at Tucson's Comic Con.

John took a bit of video of us setting up:

He also was the only one of us to photo-document the event. (thanks John!)
(BTW... we sold EVERY book we brought,)

The day after the Comic Con we did a Rigor Amortis reading at the coolest little Coffee shop= Revolutionary Grounds. (Zombie erotica at a Marxist Coffee shop? Yes indeed :D).

Tucson Weekly showed up to record the reading: Yep, here is John and Andy saying things like 'penis' and 'vuvla' (and a whole lot more) ON VIDEO!



The next weekend I headed to LA, to join the Rigor Amortis group signing books at Dark Delicacies. It was awesome to finally meet fellow Rigor Amortis contributors Kaolin Fire, Lucia Starky, and Pete "Patch" Alberti, as well as online writer friends Adam Israel, Jenn Reese, and Chris East (AND just pure amazing folks Carol Penn-Romine, and Isaac.) (/whew!\)

Blessed Carol documented that event. (Did we really break your camera? Sry!)

Then I came home and prepped for a 109 mile bike ride. That's why it's taken so long to get this up :P

Here and here are Andy's blog posts on the subject (in case I missed anything).
Go team Rigor Amortis! Woot :)