Saturday, February 23, 2013


A thought that's been growing lately... That I must give up my hobbies in order to become a 'real' artist.

It's an uncomfortable thought, I like the little things in my life to add diversity.  Running, biking, hiking, rock climbing. (I've really missed my speedbag, lately.) Curling up with a book to read, sitting down with a notebook to jot thoughts and ideas. I like to cook. And to plunk around on the guitar.

(All this plus the essentials of being a partner and a parent.)

In several conversations with fellow artists recently I've asked them what they do in their free time when they are not making art and overwhelmingly the response has been along the lines of 'oh, I had to give up hobbies when I started my art career.'

Recently a friend posted this, the writing rules of Henry Miller. Number 11 jumps out at me:
 "Write first and always. Painting, music, friends, cinema, all these come afterwards."
(Of course, the other rules did allow for for friends, recommending against being a draught-horse.) 

Anyhow, just time-management and balance on my mind as it frequently is.

Meanwhile, here's an illustration I did for Abyssus Abyssum Invocate, written by Genevieve Valentine.