Monday, November 30, 2009

only 6 pgs?

I've been working on eve (well, working off and on, and more off than anything) for how many months? Certainly longer than my proposed NaGraDraMo of November. And now I am still only 6 pgs in?! (Do those last two pages even count? They are still a work in progress... so... I'm guessing not). I'm struggling through a learning curve: narrative sequential artwork not being my usual MO. I have also been struggling with a pretty strong avoidance tendancy surrounding this project (directly relating to the fact that this project is not my usual MO). But, then, working on those last few pages I really felt like I had hit a good stride... was finding my groove, was getting the HANG of it~ but that was over a week ago. Work Obligations and Family Obligations and Holiday Obligations hit. So now I have to go and find that nice little line, that feel good spot, but I'm back in avoidance mode, writing BLOG POSTS about it rather than doing it. Oh, and I'm hungry, need to make some lunch first. Then, it will be only a short time before it's time to pick up the little guy from school, then homework, then making dinner, then cleaning up, then bedtime routine.... Another day gone forever. Brooke's poem is close to the front of my mind right now.
Yah, I'm whining right now. Pay me no mind.
Anyhoo... if you want to see these two-page spreads individually see the flickr set here.

Oh... and because this looks AMAZING (and hits so very close to home): the trailer for the documentary "Who Does She Think She Is?" (women and mothers who are also artists)

[wishing I was so cool.....]

Friday, November 13, 2009

wordless (and style too)

Because putting words in is my least favorite part of making a comic. And anyhow a picture = 1k words to start with:

Davide Fraternali

Michele Toffalori

Robin Ha

[click on the thumbnail sets to be able to read each page.]

Also, I've been struggling a bit with style. That's another reason I like the aforementioned comic artists, the styles they are working in absolutely blow me away. I am trying to reconcile my initial tendencies towards comic-book hero type renderings, working to meld my visual story telling into a more sophisticated (sophisticated = wrong word, but close enough for now) method that more closely approaches my painting style.
(Yes, still working through my identity crisis.)

That's all.
Except here's the trailer to In The Realms of the Unreal, beautiful documentary about the work of Henry Darger. Because his work almost brings tears to my eyes.

Monday, November 2, 2009


In solidarity with my many friends who are NaNoWriMo-ing this month, I shall be GraDraMo-ing. Graphic novel Drawing Month (not a National event yet, but who's counting.)
Because I have a class deadline coming up.
Because it is a personal goal.
Because all I have done up till now is sketch, plot, experiment, and doodle thumbnails yet have successfully avoided just jumping in and doing the real thing; and because I have reached the end of all my avoidance techniques (including writing posts about it. Heheh.)
Therefore I declare this month to be my offical NaGraDraMo. Starting... NOW!