Friday, August 27, 2010

last page/first page

Yep, at the beginning of this month, I was on the last pages of my book, it took me until yesterday to finally finish off that last page. I did it with this drawing. (Which I toyed with in photoshop to create this).

This book spans over three years!! I have NEVER made a book last that long (at least, not without misplacing it, which happened only once).

But anyhow, I start to get funny when I come down to the last page... what to put/draw/write on that page??? I get sort of hung up on the momentous-ness of it, assign all sorts of weird meaning, and even superstition to it. (Wtf?? I'm a skeptic!! But still... yah.) Eventually, I get over that and just fill it with whatever.

So now, I've done that last drawing on that last page... And now, laying on the table before me is a pristine, crisp, virgin moleskin sketchbook, with these gorgeous blank cream-colored pages.....
And I'm getting a similar funny make-it-MEAN-something feeling about making this first mark on this first page. But whatever. Here I go. I #amdrawing.

Btw, here's my journals and sketchbooks set.
And here's a few pages BEFORE the last page of the last book: