Tuesday, January 17, 2012

leveling up. (and taking a plunge)

A few things I should to do level up my craft:

~Take a Life Drawing class from the local community college to sharpen up my anatomical drafting skills.

~Subscribe to Lynda.com and learn a few new tricks in Photoshop (not to mention Illustrator).

~Find and implement additional online tutorials and tips and tricks to freshen up my process.

~Take the plunge and upgrade to the current Photoshop version.

~Obtain Corel Painter. (and learn how to use it. Thanks Lynda!)

~Utilize my community of writer and artist friends for feedback & criticism on my current art projects

~Target those specific areas/subjects that I am weakest at drawing and study the hell out of them. (For me, that would be architecture, furnishings, backgrounds, location-specific scenes, scenes containing multiple figures, {the list goes on}...)

~Etc, etc, etc...

And also...

~Sign up for the Illustration Masters Class. (Which I just did. **GULP/GASP!!!**)