Saturday, March 6, 2010

#draw365 (now 65 days in)

I am now 65 days into my #draw365 experiment.

A couple of items of interest:

~I discovered a vibrant and active community of other #draw365-ers on Twitter and that creative interchange has been extraordinarily stimulating.

~Right around day 52 I really started to feel like I was making some break throughs in my method and process.

~The past couple of days, I have spent quite a bit of time polishing and cleaning up and editing the 'sketches' (digital illustrations, really.)

~I miss charcoal and paint and fast sketching. I mean, I am really liking the drawings I am doing right now, but when I look at some of the pieces being produced by other #draw365-ers, it makes me want to pull back a bit from photoshop, and take a detour back into some hands-getting-messy materials.

~I think I need to set a time limit. A friend recommended this and it really resonated. One obvious plug for a time limit is that I'm busy with lots of other things on my plate... but that's not the real reason. I am remembering exercises we did in an illustration class where we had 30 min to quick-draw out some concept and discovering that I did really good work when I couldn't afford to over-work/over-think it.

So there you go.
I have another 300 drawings to go.
We'll see where this takes us.