Friday, August 16, 2013

Random Miscellany of Inspiration and Insight.

(a link to my latest post over at the Inkpunks.....)

"For my post today I just wanted to share an odd assortment of stuff that inspired me, motivated me, made an impact in some way, and was usually stumbled upon at just the right moment.  It’s an eclectic assortment, little bit of this, little bit of that, just a chance to indulge in some very cool stuff other people have said and done.  Here we go...."~ read more

(with stuff from Wendy N. Wagner, Amanda Palmer, Amy Sundberg, Theodora Goss, Christie Yant, and more. Because there is just so much awesome out there, I can hardly breath sometimes for the wonder of it all.)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WorldCon 2013

 A quick rundown of where I'll be and when at WorldCon/LonestarCon III:


~Upon arriving Thursday afternoon, I'll hang my work in the Art Show. With any luck, the set up will look a bit like this:
Huge debt of gratitude to Lee Moyer for helping me clean up this act.

~Friday at 10 am the Art Show opens to con goers with an official Opening Reception held at 7pm that evening to meet the artists. Worldcon has also scheduled guided docent tours of the show and several Art Night Showcases featuring presentations by many of the attending artists.  (You can find those and other art related events and presentations here.)

~Saturday from 2pm to 6pm I'll be at table 5 in Artist Alley, showing art work and doodling on anyone who happens to come by.
i do so love to doodle on people.

~Saturday from 8pm to 10pm I'll be at the San Antonio Rollercade where the Glitter & Mayhem book release party will be (Aw Yeah!)

~Sunday at 2pm I'll be in room 103a as part of the Bouncing Images group doodling event w/ Teddy Harvia, Mel White, and Maurine Starkey.
~Sunday afternoon there will be rehearsals and such, and then off to the Reception and Ceremony (to see if I lucked out and won that Hugo.) 


The rest of the time will be just trying to catch my breath and absorb the awesomeness.  See you there!
(✧✧✧Glitter & Mayhem cover art✧✧✧)

Monday, August 12, 2013

AFP tarot deck kickstarter

Guess What? The Amanda Palmer Tarot Deck I created art for four years ago (and then the project got shelved indefinitely)... It's BACK IN THE WORKS! A kickstarter to fund it launched last week and has already surpassed it's funding goal by double.

Keep in mind, the only way to obtain one of these decks is to make a pledge before the kickstarter ends on September 4th. 78 cards, each one created by a different artists, this deck is going to be amazing.  I am so thrilled to be a part of it.

A little background: I owe Amanda Palmer an enormous debt of gratitude for getting me back into art to begin with. It was 2009 and it had been years since I had painted anything when she shared a whole bunch of photos of herself nekkid for anyone to appropriate and interpret artistically as they pleased.  Crazy, right? But it happened to be the the jump start I needed. I picked up brush and paint and started working again.

When the idea for the Amanda Palmer tarot deck started floating around shortly afterwards I was all over it. I initially planned on doing the Three of Swords, but I had also just finished dying over her Who Killed Amanda Palmer Photographic Evidence collection and decided that the Ten of Swords, with it's over-the-top melodrama was just the thing for me. I went with a stabbed-in-the-back-AND-thrown-over-board-in-the-middle-of-the-ocean setting. Why?... Well, why not?

Valya wrote a beautiful post about just how perfect a tarot collaboration with Amanda Palmer is:
"For those unfamiliar with her work, Amanda’s songs, while fiercely intimate, are also iconic. She sings about abuse, addiction, abortion, heartache, love, abandon, regret, and hope; and her songs give voice to the dreams and fears of fans around the world. That would be enough to endear Amanda to her fans, but she takes it further to connect with them on a personal level at shows, ninja gigs, and online. Amanda opens herself up, and people often walk away saying that the experiences were intimate, inspirational, and transformative.
That is what the Amanda Palmer Tarot is about: Intimacy. Inspiration. Transformation." ~read more
And now, here's a few of my preliminary studies and work-in-progress shots for the AFP 10 of swords.
preliminary studies for the AFPtarot

studio shot of the painting in progress

another studio shot, painting in progress

final painting, 10 of Swords. AFP tarot.

(Makes me want to start painting again. Digital is awesome and perfect for what I do, but I miss getting my hands dirty.)

For more updates and info about the AFP tarot project check out their tumbler, twitter, and facebook page.