Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Well, over the weekend, this happened.
I win the Hugo in the Fan Artist category! (Thank you Andrew Williams for taking this photo)
 Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! Here is the live recording of the ceremony. (The Fan Artist category is the first Hugo announced, about 56 minutes into the ceremony. And yes it's nerve wracking for me to watch it, even now.)

Video streaming by Ustream

With much gratitude to the other artists who shared the ballot with me. 

The Hugo winners of 2013. Photo curtsy of Tor.com


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    I don't understand the category as my understanding was you were nominated for your work at Dagan. Do have that wrong?

    1. the category is a bit of a tricky thing: I do not believe I was nominated for single piece of work, but for the sum of what I created in 2012, some of which was for a fanzine, much more was for small press and semi-pro publications (ie. a lower pay bracket). Hence the "fan artist" label.