Thursday, February 12, 2015

conDFW 2015 Guest of Honor

Tomorrow I get on a plane for Dallas Texas to hang out with some lovely people: ConDFW XIV has asked me to be their artist Guest of Honor! (so very very honored.)
First, a bit of art the event:
beyond the infinite by galen dara 2015
Next, the program!  Here's a link to all the various ways of seeing what's going down and here's my specific schedule:

FRIDAY, 3pm: All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt (JEFFERSON)
Panelists: Adrian Simmons (M), Galen Dara, JD Horn, Teresa Patterson, Julia S. Mandala
So many books and stories have travel as a primary activity. However, how many people know anything about travel except by car or plane? Has anyone sailed around the horn in a catamaran? Rode a motorcycle from Canada to Mexico? Hitchhiked your way across the USA? We look to our panelists to tell us some unique stories about unique places and ways to travel. 

SATURDAY, 1pm: A Modern Ghost Story (JEFFERSON)
Panelists: Galen Dara
Inspiration for a horror story can come from many places. A single building, a haunted wood, or even an abandoned railyard can provide quite a setting. Our Artist Guest of Honor tends to specialize in creating haunting images, and relates how and where she gets such inspiration. 

SATURDAY, 2pm: Digital Versus Traditional Art: Pros and Cons (ART SHOW)
Panelists: Galen Dara, Rocky Kelley, Brad Foster, Teddy Harvia, Melia Dawn
Always a tricky subject, the arguments for and against digital art have always been legion. With Photoshop replicating time honored techniques in the blink of an eye, is there still a place for traditional art? Our artists weigh in on the pros and cons of both, and where both of these forms of artwork fit in today’s society. 

SATURDAY, 5pm: The mARTian Collaboration (ART SHOW)
Panelists: Galen Dara, Rocky Kelley, Brad Foster, Teddy Harvia, Mel White, Melia Dawn
They say if you ask a committee to design a horse, you’ll get a camel. Come see what happens when we team up artists and ask them to design a Martian, alien, or whatever the audience demands! 

SATURDAY, 6pm: Galen Dara ~ Autographs in the Dealers Room

SUNDAY, 12pm: Fandom Pictionary (ART SHOW)
Panelists: Galen Dara, Brad Foster, Teddy Harvia, Mel White, Melia Dawn
Play Pictionary or just watch as our artists compete. Come and see our artists face off against each other. Pictionary has never been this much fun! 


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